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Installing New Maps On New Card

Postitettu: 12:39 18 helmi 07 #1
  • luciferuk
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  • Lisää päivämäärä: 18 helmikuu 2007
  • Ammatti: unemployed
Hi there can anyone help me please im very new to this,

ok i have a TomTom ONE Great Britain with a 128mb sd card, i have a spain/portugal map which i need for my holidays which is nearly 300mb, i wanted to know if i can just purchase a 512mb card and copy the new map to new card and insert into tom tom or is there more to it than that, thanx a little install guide from you experts would be muchly appreciated cheers !!!

53 views and no replys is there no one out there that can help me ?
Postitettu: 11:54 11 touko 07 #2
  • luddite76
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  • Lisää päivämäärä: 11 toukokuu 2007
Hi - I have the same problem.
I have a UK map SD card, and have downloaded an Australian map.
The UK SD card isn''t big enough for the Aussie map, so I bought a new SD card.
But Tontom home won''t recognise the card. It won''t even recognise that there is a "device" connected.
It just sat there - saying please wait. After an hour I gave up, but couldn''t turn the thing off. Thanks to the forum which helped me find out how to return to square one. At least my UK maps still work.
But I still can''t work out how to transfer the Aussie maps from my computer to a new SD card. Any ideas anyone????
Postitettu: 19:11 11 touko 07 #3
  • Xessive
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  • Lisää päivämäärä: 12 huhtikuu 2007
  • Ammatti: IT Specialist
Make sure you''ve got the TomTom Home software installed on your PC.
Make a backup of the current SD card to your harddisk.
Then format (fat32) the new SD card using (if you got one) a (SD) cardreader in your PC.
Insert the new formatted SDcard in to your TT One and switch it on.
Start the TomTom Home software from the Startmenu (Windows) and restore the backup you''ve made.

If you don''t have any sort of (SD) Card reader in your PC, you get buy one for about 15 - 20 Euro
probably in any store where they sell computer stuff. These thing work with USB, so it''s real easy
to install and connect.

The TomTom Home software can be obtained from

For different Splash Screens for the TT series, go to
(Splash screen is the picture you see for about 5-10 seconds after you power-on the TT)

Good luck and cheerio!
Postitettu: 04:35 12 touko 07 #4
  • luddite76
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  • Lisää päivämäärä: 11 toukokuu 2007
Thanks for your help Xessive. From your name and mine, I think we come from opposite ends of the computer spectrum! If you wouldn''t mind, would you please read on, and please, be gentle with me!
I''ve got the Tomtom HOME software installed.
Sitting in the Install to Tomtom file are two items: Tomtom Application for One (8.2mb). And the Aussie map (84.0mb).
I have backed up the UK & Ie map.
All would be well if there was enough room on the UK & Ie SD card. The computer is recognising the Tomtom device, and I could just install the new map.
But when I put in the new SD card, the computer tells me there is no Tomtom device connected.
So I don''t understand how I can download the new application onto the new SD card if the computer won''t recognise the device.
Do you think there is a clue in the formatting of the SD card?
Or do I install the new application on the UK & Ie SD card?
Or is the new application not transferred onto the SD card but onto the Tomtom device itself?
Regards from a bemused luddite76!

Postitettu: 15:18 16 touko 07 #5
  • luciferuk
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  • Lisää päivämäärä: 18 helmikuu 2007
  • Ammatti: unemployed
Is there anyway of doing this without buying a card reader ? is the formatting of sd card essential and can you only do this with a reader thanx for all the help ppl
Postitettu: 01:26 17 touko 07 #6
  • luddite76
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  • Lisää päivämäärä: 11 toukokuu 2007
It now seems there are SD cards and there are SD cards.
The SD card I bought was from Dick Smiths - and there''s nothing wrong with it. It was formatted in FAT, and works very well with other devices. I reformatted it in FAT 32, but still neither the device nor the computer will read it.
I notice on the old Tomtom Go site, the company says there are some SD cards which won''t work with Tomtom devices. I can''t find anything on any other site about the new Tomtom One.
I''m now waiting for some nice folk at Tomtom to send me a new card - I will report back with success or failure!
Postitettu: 06:00 07 loka 07 #7
  • Scuba Steve
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  • Scuba Steve
  • Lisää päivämäärä: 7 lokakuu 2007
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Can anyone suggest which SD cards work with a TomTom One as I have a One XL and bought a DSE 256mb card from Tandy which doesn't work either... 
Postitettu: 08:17 07 loka 07 #8
  • dirtyweeraincloud
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  • dirtyweeraincloud
  • Lisää päivämäärä: 3 toukokuu 2006
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It`s easy for me to say use this brand or that brand but for most of us it`s hit or miss.

I`ve always stuck with the `puremedia`1GB and 2Gb card which worked for me on 300, 500, and the 720 with no issues.

Topram, Kingston, Trancent, Viking, are reported working cards  x150 generally high speed onwards seem to work fine up to 4Gb I believe.

SDHC don`t work on TomTom

Postitettu: 22:10 15 touko 08 #9
  • peterseaford
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  • Lisää päivämäärä: 15 toukokuu 2008

G'day i am new old and stupid so please bear with me. just bought a go720 and was interested in what you say about memory. pressed my button and i have a blank plastic card. with this removed the 720 works so does that mean that i can put in an sd memory card up to 2gig and it will store additional info as i already have some songs and photographs loaded . would i need to format a new sd card as stated earlier??

regards  peter

Postitettu: 13:30 19 touko 08 #10
  • ps646566
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  • Lisää päivämäärä: 2 kesäkuu 2007
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Postitettu: 15:16 29 heinä 08 #11
  • ramsam
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  • Lisää päivämäärä: 29 heinäkuu 2008

Hey Guys......


I kinda messed up... I did not do a BACKUp of the card.... so its gone I have tomtom one......

I need a copy of the software and instructions on how to load it on to the SD Card !!!



Postitettu: 18:55 05 elo 08 #12
  • white.akita
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  • Lisää päivämäärä: 5 elokuu 2008

my tomtom 300 wont make a backup file !

it tries to do it and then i get a ERROR message saying cant read file  "c:\documents and settings\user\my documents\tomtom\HOME\backup01\internal memory\system"  does anybody know what this means and what is wrong  ??

im just trying to transfer my data from the 128mb memory card to a 2gb memory card.

also tomtom HOME that is installed on my pc wont recognise my tomtom sd card if i have it plugged into my tomtom and then the tomtom plugged into the pc, i can only get tomtom HOME to recognise the tomtom sd card if i plug the sd card straight into my pc !

anybody know what the problem is ?



Postitettu: 22:01 05 elo 08 #13
  • Stowaway
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  • Stowaway
  • Lisää päivämäärä: 9 helmikuu 2008
See ;- 
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